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Downloads and documentation
VersionDateDownloadDocumentation (in PDF)
3.2 - jMRUI pluginJuly 2015
help and manual
3.1December 2012
help and manual
3.0.2January 2010
help and manual
3.0.1November 2009
help and manual
3.0September 2009
help and manual
2.0July 2007
1.2November 2004
1.1June 2004
1.0 December 2002

INTERPRET SV 3.2 (July 2015)

The INTERPRET DSS version 3.2. is now compatible with the XML format in which jMRUI2XML outputs. Besides the stand-alone version, it has also been rewritten as a jMRUI-plugin

INTERPRET SV 3.1 (December 2012)

  1. A new “Glioblastoma vs. Metastasis” classifier (Vellido et al., NMR Biomed, 2012), which allows to distinguish between glioblastoma and mestastasis.
  2. Several visual features have been corrected:
    1. The means of the classifier classes and tissue types in the optional menu (right button of the mouse) have been corrected. Now the user can choose the tissue type, for example 'Astrocytoma grade II' as well as the mean of the classifier class 'Low Grade Glial'.
    2. A bug when displaying tissue type and classifier classes names shown in the two right panels has also been corrected.
    3. The color of glyph representing the Metastasis type has been modified. The current RGB color is: light pink (255,102,255), to account for maximal contrast with the red of the Glioblastoma while keeping the same colour code of previous versions.
    4. The cases selected and displayed in both right panels are preserved independently of the classifier selected, to allow browsing different classifiers. However, if the mean spectrum of a superclass is displayed in the right panel and you change to a classifier in which this particular superclass does not exist, then the mean spectrum will be erased from the right panel.
Note the following: Beware that the installation of version 3.1 will not migrate your user cases or notes saved in previous versions. The installation of version 3.1 does not uninstall previous versions, therefore you can check your cases in the version in which you have entered them. We plan to provide automatic migrations of cases in subsequent versions.

INTERPRET SV 3.0.2 (January 2010)
The INTERPRET DSS Version 3.0 includes several new features with respect to version 2.0, among them: new classifiers, user profiles and an embedded database for storing new user cases. The new classifiers are:
  1. Three new LDA classifiers for discrimination between low-grade glial tumours – Aggressive tumours - Meningiomas.
  2. A ratios plot: CHO/NAA at long TE vs MI/NAA at short TE, which may be used as a tumour-pseudotumour classifier.
  3. Three LDA classifiers for discrimination between tumoural and pseudotumoural brain masses.
  4. The LDA Classifiers are based on: single voxel spectra at 1.5 T at short TE, long TE and concatenated short – long TE.
    Version 3.0 is able to store user profiles for various features like background colours and case notes. Users may share these notes with other users of the same clinical centre with a common installation. The user may also track notes of each case using its input date and the user login information.
    The 'load new case' process has been simplified. The case to be loaded can have one or two spectra at different echo times and they can be loaded simultaneously into the DSS. New cases can be permanently stored into the embedded database if the user wishes so. New cases can also be complemented with MRI and additional clinical information.
    Version 3.0.2 is a minor update in the MRS processing core due to the DMS distribution process.
    Version 3.0.1 is a Windows Vista Home bug fixed version (Thanks to Jan We is from the University Hospital at Uppsala, Sweden for reporting it.).

Availability and requirements
Project name: Interpret DSS 3.0.
Project home page:
Operating system(s): Windows XP or higher.
Programming language: C, C++ and Java.
Other requirements: Java 1.5.0 or higher.
License: Available free of charge, subject to the signature of a disclaimer and user agreement text.

How to evaluate a case with the INTERPRET DSS.


If you have any problem downloading the software, please contact to: mail dot gabrmn at gmail dot com.

If you made a request to download any version of INTERPRET DSS, and you have not received any response in more than three working days, please do not hesitate to directly contact to mail dot gabrmn at gmail dot com.

Citing DSS
We encourage you to cite us if you are using the INTERPRET DSS to find valuable information about MRS. Presently, you can use the following publications:
  • Tate et al. 2006. NMR Biomed. 2006 19:411-434
  • A. Pérez-Ruiz et al. , The INTERPRET Decision-Support System version 3.0 for evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy data from human brain tumours and other abnormal brain masses. 29 November 2010, BMC Bioinformatics 2010, 11:58, DOI:10.1186/1471-2105-11-581