Welcome to the website of the INTERPRET project (IST-1999-10310) funded by the European Comission. 

Project duration: January  1st, 2000 - December 31st, 2002

We aim to facilitate the use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) for improved diagnosis and therapy of patients with brain tumours and other space occupying lesions. Spectra, easily acquired alongside commonplace MR imaging (MRI) procedures, uniquely delineate biochemistry of human tissue in situ. Although MRS gives significantly improved brain tumour categorisation, it is not widely used, partly because radiologists have difficulty in interpreting spectral data. We therefore aim to develop a user-friendly computer program for spectral classification. Systems development will be informed by (a) a large "training set" of data contributed by members of the consortium and (b) new spectra acquired under agreed protocols. Automated pattern recognition techniques will be developed for tumour classification together with an intuitive interface. The program will promote wider use of MRS, hence reducing the need for distressing and dangerous brain biopsies.

The INTERPRET project is finished now, those are its main achievements:
  • several user-friendly prototype decision support systems (DSS) for clinical use, for single voxel (SV) and multivoxel (MV) 1H studies of brain tumours. Those are our SCIENTIFIC DSS prototypes.
  • a database with web access for use by all INTERPRET members containing validated clinical, MRS and MRI data from human brain tumours and normal controls.
  • automated data manipulation and format conversion software.
  • consensus clinical, MRS and MRI data acquisition protocols.
Now we extend our research on non-invasive brain tumour diagnosis in the frame of eTumour and HealthAgents

Click here to read the INTERPRET final summary report

Click here to download the INTERPRET SCIENTIFIC DSS  prototypes
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