You are about to access the INTERPRET-VALIDATED DATABASE, which is one of the final results of the INTERPRET project. It is a password-protected, web-accessible database of standardised and quality control-checked brain tumour magnetic resonance spectra with final consensus histopathological diagnoses of the corresponding patients which is made available free of charge to hospitals for the benefit of patients.

All cases present in this DB have been clinically and spectroscopically (Data Protocol for INTERPRET Project) validated. Each case may have spectra from more than one voxel or may have spectra that do not fulfill minimal quality criteria. Then, only spectra labelled as Data status: VALIDATED; Voxel location: TUMOUR or OTHER (NORMAL VOLUNTEER controls); Global quality assessment (QA): ACCEPT or NA; Spectroscopy quality control (SPR): ACCEPT, should be used as fulfilling quality criteria for comparison with unknown tumour masses. Contact database manager ( for further details.

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